Copyrights – Our services

Copyrights protect your creation from infringements. Because copyrights are not registrable in Israel, owners of copyrights often require assistance in determining if there is an infringement. That’s where we come in. Our IP team can help you against any sort of copyright infringement.

We can:

– Consult regarding possible copyrights infringements.
– Resolve dispute in the case of violation of copyrights
– Draft copyright permission agreement
– Draft settlement agreements
– File a law suit against copyright infringements.


An intellectual property right that an individual hold in the creation of an original work of art such as musical, artistic, dramatic or literary works. Unlike other intellectual property rights, there is no registry of copyrights. Under Israeli law, any work is protected if it original and written down in some form (for instance: a music record).

A copyright protects the work for the entire life of its owner, and seventy after his passing. When this period expires, the work becomes public domain.
A copyright in a musical work imprinted on a record is valid for 70 years from the date of publication of the record.

Copyright do not cover information or ideas by themselves. Rather, it covers an original expression of information or ideas.
Copyright is restricted to artistic work and does not extend to independent creation of similar work.

Yes. Under Israeli law, you can use works protected by copyrights. Such fair use extends to journalistic reporting, a critique, reference or teaching by an educational institution. The purpose of fair use to serve the public interest by enriching and creating a public debate in the fields which the work deals with. In examining fair use, the court will look into the purpose, the damage of the use to the work and whether the use is of an unpublished work.