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Protecting Your Design

The design of your product is vital to distinguish your products from other players in the market place. Our experienced team assists in all aspects of design registration in Israel and internationally – from design search, registration, disputes and portfolio management. Our experience and expertise with a wide range of clients from different fields ensures that you will receive the best services in design related matters.
Before registration

We can:

– Consult if the design is a valid for registration.
– Conduct a preliminary search in design registries to avoid infringement claims or objections by the Israeli Design Office.
– Devise a design filing strategy that fits your particular needs.
Design Registration

We can:

– Prepare and file design applications in Israel and worldwide.
– Overcome objections of the Israeli Design Office to design applications.
Portfolio management

We Can:

– Renew your designs.
– Monitor the Israeli design Registry for potential infringements of your designs and provide guidance on when and when not to take action.
– Provide strategic consultation on maintaining your design portfolio protected.
Handling Disputes

We can:

– Negotiate and prepare coexistence agreements;
– Litigate legal procedures with the Israeli design Office such as competitions and revocation actions.
– Litigate legal procedures with the Israeli courts such as design infringement or passing off
– Handle seizures of counterfeit goods.


A design is the features of the overall appearance of a product. Such features include ornamentation, shape and patterns of a product.

A commercial asset that provides you with legal protection from third parties that copy or use deceptively imitate your design. Registration in The Israeli design Registry is intended to better protect your designs from infringement.

A valid design has to be new and distinctive when compared with other designs already in the public domain.

A design application must to be filed within the first year after its publication.
What is the life-span of a

A design registration is valid for 25 years since the application is filed.

Yes, unregistered designs are also protected. A valid Unregistered design has to be new and distinctive in relation to other designs in Israel and worldwide. Furthermore, an unregistered design has to be in use 6 months after it is first published. The protection of an unregistered design is more limited in scope and duration than of a registered design.

An unregistered design is valid for 3 years since it was first published. This term is not extendable.

Yes. The owner of an unregistered design may file a design application no later than one year after the design was first published. If the owner chooses not to file an application after one year, then he will enjoy two more years of protection of an unregistered design (3 years in total). this term is not extendable.

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