How to Register an International Trademark in Israel

This article addresses how to register an international trademark in Israel.  This is a relatively new phenomenon that an international trademark can be registered in Israel, as this was not possible before September 2010.  After signing the Madrid Protocol, however, international trademarks can be registered in Israel.

How to Register an International Trademark in Israel

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How to Register an International Trademark in Israel

In order to apply to register an international trademark in Israel, you must submit the MM2 form, which is the application for international registration that is governed by the Madrid Protocol.  The MM2 form asks for the office of origin (in this case Israel), the applicant’s information, the applicant’s entitlement to file, the appointment of a representative, the relevant trademark, the colors claimed, translations of the trademark (if relevant), and more.

The MM2 form can be found on the Madrid System website under forms.  The form must be filled in, signed, converted to a PDF file, and then emailed to the Trademark Department with a receipt indicating that all the relevant fees were paid.  (You can find the relevant fees in Hebrew and the relevant fees in English on the Israel Patent Office website.)  The Israel Patent Office will then examine, approve and send the application to the international bureau for the international trademark registration.  

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