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Protecting Your Brand

Trademarks are a crucial building block of an effective brand. Our experienced trademark team assists in all aspects of trademark registration in Israel, United states and internationally –from trademark clearance, registration, disputes and portfolio management. Our long standing experience with a wide range of clients from different fields ensures that you will receive the best services in trademark related matters. Read more.

Choosing the right trademark

We can:

– Consult if the mark is a registrable and valid trademark.
– Conduct a preliminary search in trademark registries to avoid infringement claims.
– Devise a trademark filing strategy that fits your particular needs.

Trademark Registration

We can:

– Prepare and file trademark applications in Israel, the US and worldwide.
– Handle office actions against trademark applications by trademark offices in Israel, the US and worldwide.

Portfolio management

We Can:

– Renew your trademarks.
– Monitor Trademark Registries for potential infringements of your trademarks and provide guidance on when and when not to take action.
– Provide strategic consultation on maintaining your trademark portfolio protected.

Handling Disputes

We can:

– Negotiate and prepare coexistence agreements;
– Litigate legal procedures with the Israeli trademark Office such as oppositions, competitions and revocation actions.
– Litigate legal procedures with the Israeli courts such as trademark infringement passing off
– Handle seizures of counterfeit goods.


A trademark is a visual sign that sets a product, service or brand apart from similar items trying to gain market share. Trademarks are a valuable asset and their legal protection is essential to defend reputation and distinction from infringement. Read more…

A commercial asset that provides you with legal protection from third parties that copy or use deceptively imitate your trademark. Registration in The Israeli Trademark Registry will better protect your trademark from infringement. Read more…

No. However, It is much easier to act against third parties infringements if your trademark is registered. Without a registration, legals proceedings against infringements require proof of intention to deceive or mislead or pass off. This may be costly, time consuming and difficult. Read more…

In general, to register a trademark in the Israeli registry, it should be:

Distinctive: your trademark should not be descriptive in relation to the intended goods or services. For instance, the trademark “APPLE” is distinctive in relation to computer while “PC” is descriptive. This requirement is intended to allow all players in a certain field to use professional or common terms (“PC”) without infringement. Read More…

Not confusingly similar: your trademark should not be similar to other registered or unregistered trademarks. This rule is meant to protect consumers from confusion and trademark owners from infringement. Read more…

Other examples of mars that are not registrable: a laudatory mark, geographic designation that is not the origin of the goods, a mark with a component implying approval of the state.

A trademark registration does not have an expiration date. Under Israeli law, an owner of a trademark is required to renew the mark every 10 years. If the mark is not renewed, the trademark office will cancel the trademark. After the trademark is cancelled, there is a one year grace period for the trademark owner to renew the trademark.

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