This article addresses how one can register a national trademark in Israel.

Register a National Trademark in Israel

Application to Register a National Trademark in Israel

In order to register a national trademark in Israel, you must submit an application form to the Trademark Department and pay the mandatory fees.  Do note that the website is only in Hebrew, and if you are a non-Hebrew speaker, we can assist with this.  Our legal team speaks multiple languages, including Hebrew, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and French.  

The application will request that you show the symbol or mark.  It will also ask which colors you would like to trademark, whether the picture is three dimensional, and if there is a sound or other specification associated with the trademark.  

If you are Israeli, the application will also request your ID number or the registered corporation number for which you are submitting the application.  It will also ask about the type of corporation the trademark is for: private company, public company, non-profit organization (amuta), or partnership.  If you are not Israeli, the application will request the corporation type and the country of incorporation.  If you want to register the trademark in the name of other owners, you must fill out a separate page for this.

A few other issues addressed in the application relate to power of attorney and goods and services.  If you are utilizing power of attorney, you can also specify this information in the application. There is also a place for you to describe the goods and services of your corporation, both in Hebrew and English. Finally, you will have to pay fees, depending on the trademark type.

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