What is Intellectual property Law?

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Israeli Intellectual Property Lawyer

What Is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property refers to all sorts of intangible assets that people posses.  For example, Intellectual property  can be a business name, a design, reputation, an invention or literary work. Intellectual property law is intended to protect your rights to use (and to prevent others from using) your intellectual property.

Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can include trademarks, designs, copyrights, and patents. It is important for businesses to protect their intellectual property in order to prevent others from using it.

Trademarks in Intellectual Property Law

One area of intellectual property we deal with extensively is trademarks. We have numerous articles related to trademarks in Israel, including how to register a national trademark in Israel, the time it takes to register a trademark in Israel, ensuring your trademark is protected elsewhere, applying to register an international trademark, questions about competition and exclusive registration of a trademark in Israel, how long a trademark is valid in Israel, using the same trademark for various services, using a trademark prior to registering it, registering multiple trademarks in one application, expediting the trademark registration process, the cost of registering a trademark in Israel, whether one needs a lawyer to register a trademark in Israel, legal actions in cases of copyright infringement and more.

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