This article addresses the time to register a trademark in Israel, in other words, the length of the process and a few key steps in the procedure.

Time to Register a Trademark in Israel, Israel trademark lawyer

The Process and Time to Register a Trademark in Israel

The process involves submitting an application for trademark registration.  After the application is submitted, the department determines whether or not it can be registered based on whether it meets the specifications in the Trademarks Ordinance.  Once the department begins to examine the submitted application, the results of their determination will be sent to the applicant. The amount of time involved from that point on depends on the results of the examination and on the correspondence between the applicant and those determining the case.  

Once the examination process concludes, if the examiners determine that the trademark can be registered, the applicant will receive an acceptance notice. The application will then be published in the Trademarks Journal.  If there is no objection submitted regarding the trademark within three months of it being published in the journal, the trademark will be registered, and a registration certificate will be sent to the applicant.

As there are numerous requests for trademarks and limited staff, the process to register a trademark is quite long.  It takes about 15 months and up to two years from the time the department first sends a report regarding examining the applicant’s file and the completion of the process.  There is, however, a procedure to expedite the process in certain cases.

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Time to Register a Trademark in Israel, Israel trademark lawyer

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