Checking If a Trademark Is Owned by Others in Israel

Checking If a Trademark Is Owned By Others

This article addresses how you can check whether or not your desired trademark is owned by others in Israel.  

Trademark Is Owned by Others in Israel

This Series of Articles

Decker, Pex, Levi is an Israeli law firm specializing in a few legal fields, including intellectual property and issues related to trademarks in Israel.  Trademarks in Israel are under the jurisdiction of the Israel Patent Office.  We are often asked about trademarks (business logos, brands, slogans, etc.) and how issues are conducted in Israel, thus we have written a series of articles on trademarks.  This includes topics such as registering a national trademark, the length of the process, how to protect the trademark in other countries, applying to register an international trademark, and more.

How to Check If a Trademark Is Owned By Others in Israel

In order to check if a trademark is owned by others in Israel, you must conduct preliminary research prior to applying to register a trademark.  You can also search the Israel Patent Office database on your own. If you do not wish to do this, you can pay for the relevant department to conduct this search on your behalf.  

Application Process

Once you are sure that your desired trademark is not used by others, you can proceed to the application process by submitting the application form and paying the relevant fees.  Most of the forms and content available on this are in Hebrew, and if you need assistance with this process, our law firm can help with this.

Our legal team has lawyers who speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, and French, and we can provide assistance in any of these languages to help with your Israeli trademark application.

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