How to Protect Your Trademark in Israel

How to Protect Your Trademark in Israel

This article addresses how to protect your trademark in Israel or an international trademark registered in Israel.

How to Protect Your Trademark in Israel

This Series of Articles

The law offices of Decker, Pex, Levi specialize in a variety of legal fields, and we address many issues including trademarks and trademark registration.  In Israel trademarks fall under the Israel Patent Office, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.  In order to address some commonly asked questions on trademarks, we have put together a short series of articles on trademarks in Israel.

How to Protect Your Trademark in Israel

Any trademark comprised of letters, numbers, words, symbols, etc., that companies use to help consumers identify their products is protected under Israeli law so long as it is officially registered as a trademark.  Prior to registration, or even during the application process (until the process is approved), the as-yet-unregistered trademark is not protected. In order for it to be protected, the registration process must be completed, which will then give the trademark owner the exclusive rights to the mark for the goods and services specified in the application. The trademark owner only has exclusive rights for the goods and services mentioned, and not in all potential markets and fields that are unrelated to the goods and services the company provides. A possible exception might occur in cases of well-known trademarks and a potential for trademark dilution.

It is possible to use one trademark for multiple goods and services, which can be specified in the application.  Once registered, the trademark is valid for ten years, and after that period, it must be renewed. In the event that a company wishes to make modifications to its trademark, it may do so through the Trademarks Department.

If one wishes to register an international trademark in Israel (allowing exclusive rights to the applicant outside of Israel), one must apply to register the international trademark under the Madrid System.  (We provide an article on this issue: “How to Register an International Trademark in Israel.”)

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