How Long Is a Trademark Valid in Israel

How Long Is a Trademark Valid in Israel

This article addresses the question: How long is a trademark valid in Israel?  This is an important question to address as trademark validity and the fees involved in renewing trademarks can vary from country to country.  

Trademark Valid in Israel

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Trademarks (brands, logos, slogans, etc.) fall under the jurisdiction of the Israel Patent Office, which in turn is under the Israel Ministry of Justice.  For your convenience, we have put together a short series of articles on trademarks.  This includes how to register a national trademark in Israel, how long it takes to register a trademark in Israel, whether or not a trademark is protected outside of Israel, registering an international trademark in Israel, checking if a trademark is owned by others, and more.

How Long Is a Trademark Valid in Israel

The Israeli government does not restrict the validity of a trademark in Israel.  At the same time, however, in order to ensure that a trademark remains valid in Israel, it must be renewed every ten years.  The relevant fees to ensure that a trademark remains valid in Israel can be found on the Israel Patent Office website. (We include the links with the relevant fees in Hebrew and the relevant fees in English.)

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