Is My Trademark in Israel Protected Elsewhere

This article addresses whether a trademark registered in Israel is protected elsewhere.

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Is a Trademark in Israel Protected Elsewhere?

Until September 2010, the answer was no, a trademark in Israel is not protected in other countries.  However, in September 2010, Israel joined the Madrid Protocol on intellectual property.  It allows individuals or companies to register trademarks around the world, and with one application (along with the related fees for the service), the client is protected in 116 countries.  Thus, an application can be submitted in Israel, and an international application can be submitted through the Israeli department for international registration according to the Madrid Protocol.  

In order to be eligible to use the Madrid System specified in the Madrid Protocol, you must be a citizen of one of the 116 countries.  Secondarily, you need to have approval for a basic mark before filing for an international application. Thus, you must first apply through the Israeli offices before the international application can be completed.  The fees involved depend on the office of origin, the type, and whether or not the trademark is in color or black and white.  

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