Registering Same Trademarks for Various Services in Israel

Registering Same Trademarks for Various Services in Israel – This article addresses the question of whether or not the same trademark can be registered for different services in Israel.  

Registering Same Trademarks for Various Services in Israel

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The law offices of Decker, Pex, Levi assist clients with trademarks and intellectual property law.  Issues related to trademarks are under the authority of the Israel Patent Office.  This article is one in a series on trademarks, and we address many questions and issues that frequently arise, including registering a national trademark in Israel, the time it takes to register a trademark in Israel, and registering an international trademark in Israel, among other issues.

Registering Same Trademarks for Various Services in Israel

Israeli rules and regulations relating to trademarks dictate that trademarks must be registered for goods and services provided.  One trademark can be used for multiple goods and services, but only related to goods and services that the applicant intends to use.  A trademark cannot be registered for all possible goods and services in a market if the applicant is not operating in all goods and services.  

Israel’s classification system for goods and services operates according to the NICE agreement in which there are 34 categories for goods and 11 categories for services.  The Israel Patent Office provides a word document with the classification system in English.  You can use the Madrid Goods & Services Manager (under the World Intellectual Property Organization, of which Israel is a member) to determine which goods and services you will register for.   

If you wish to apply to register a trademark for multiple goods and services, this is possible, so long as the relevant fees are paid.  There is a set fee for the first classification, and then additional classifications can be added at a reduced fee.

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