What Is an Israeli Trademark

What Is an Israeli Trademark

This article addresses what is an Israeli trademark.

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The law offices of Decker, Pex, Levi have several areas of legal practice, including intellectual property law and trademarks.  Legal practice regarding trademarks fall under the Israel Patent Office.  To read more about trademarks, see our trademark article series.

What Is an Israeli Trademark

An Israeli trademark is a trademark that is registered in Israel.  Trademarks are any sort of marks used by companies or individuals in order to distinguish their products from others, allowing the company or individual to build an image and reputation of their work that can be easily associated with the producer via the trademark.  Trademarks can be a word (ie, simply a name or series of letters), numbers, symbols, product names, an illustration, a color pattern, it can be two or three dimensional, it can be sounds, or any combination of the above. Once a trademark is officially registered, if another person or company uses the same mark, they are in violation of Israel’s intellectual property laws.  Sometimes trademarks are followed with the symbol ® to indicate that it is an officially registered trademark.

Once registered, trademarks are valid for 10 years.  If you wish to ensure that your trademark is valid beyond this period, you need to renew it before or on the date of your tenth year of registration.

Registering an Israeli Trademark

If you wish to register an Israeli trademark or internationally register a trademark you first registered in Israel, we can help you with this.  We provide more information on these topics and many others in our trademark article series.

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What is an Israeli trademark

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