Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for a Trademark in Israel

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for a Trademark in Israel

This article addresses the question: Do I need a lawyer to apply for a trademark in Israel?  

Lawyer to Apply for a Trademark in Israel

This Series of Articles

Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law firm specializes in several legal fields, including intellectual property, copyright and trademarks.  Rules and regulations regarding applying for a trademark in Israel are communicated by the Trademarks Department in the Israel Patent Office.  For your convenience we have written a short series of articles on trademarks in Israel, ranging from how to register a national trademark in Israel, how to register an international trademark in Israel, the length of the registration process, expediting the process, how much does it cost to register a trademark and more.

Hiring a Lawyer to Apply for a Trademark in Israel

According to the Trademarks Ordinance in Israel, anyone may apply for a trademark (logo, brand, slogan, etc.) without the assistance of a lawyer.  There are certain cases where one must sign an affidavit, in which case one would need a lawyer. (See, for example, our article entitled “Expediting Trademark Registration in Israel,” which discusses the need for an affidavit to justify applying for the expedited procedure.)  

In the event that an applicant wishes to apply for a trademark in Israel but does not live in Israel, they must provide an address in Israel where notices can be delivered.  A lawyer can also assist with this if the applicant needs this service.

If you wish to apply for a trademark on your own, see the resources we provide in our articles on trademarks.  If you wish to simplify the process and ensure that the paperwork is filed correctly, or if you need a lawyer for other services in the trademark registration process, we would be happy to assist you.

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