Exclusive Registration of a Trademark in Israel

Exclusive Registration of a Trademark in Israel

This article addresses the exclusive registration of a trademark in Israel.  This relates to whether exclusive rights are guaranteed even before the trademark is registered, namely from the moment the application is submitted.  

Exclusive Registration of a Trademark in Israel

This Series of Articles

At Decker, Pex, Levi, we deal with a variety of legal specializations, including issues related to intellectual property, like assisting clients with registering trademarks (business logos, brands, slogans, etc.).  All issues related to trademarks fall under the Israel Patent Office, which is under the Israel Ministry of Justice.  

In order to provide some resources on this topic that clients frequently have questions about, we have put together a short series of articles on trademarks. See the aforementioned link for more articles on the topic where we address numerous issues such as applying for a national trademark, the time it takes to register a trademark, whether or not a trademark is protected outside of Israel, registering an international trademark, and more.

Regarding Exclusive Registration of a Trademark in Israel

People frequently ask if submitting an application for a trademark prior to another competing party with the same trademark guarantees them the rights to that trademark.  Until a trademark is officially registered, there are no guarantees over exclusive registration of that mark. The Israel Patent Office will decide which of the two competing parties may use the trademark based on the evidence provided in the application.  While the date of submission is considered, it is not a deciding factor in the decision.

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If you are interested in exclusive registration of a trademark in Israel and have further questions on the issue, please contact us.  At Decker, Pex, Levi, we are committed to providing quick, professional services at reasonable costs.

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