One Application to Register Multiple Trademarks in Israel

One Application to Register Multiple Trademarks in Israel

Clients frequently ask whether they can use one application to register multiple trademarks in Israel, and we address this in the article.

Register Multiple Trademarks in Israel

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Our law firm, Decker, Pex, Levi has several specializations, including intellectual property law and trademarks.  Trademarks are addressed by the Trademarks Department of the Israel Patent Office, which is in turn under the Ministry of Justice.  

We provide several resources on commonly asked questions about trademarks and rules and regulations in Israel in our trademarks article series. In this series we address numerous issues related to trademarks including how to register a trademark in Israel, how long it takes to register a trademark, whether trademarks are protected outside of Israel, registering international trademarks in Israel, how to check if a trademark is already owned by someone else, how long a trademark is valid, registering the same trademark for multiple services, using a trademark prior to registering it, and more.

Registering Multiple Trademarks in Israel

While it is possible to register several trademarks in Israel, if you wish to register multiple trademarks, you must submit multiple applications.  One trademark can protect multiple goods and services (to read more on this see our article “Registering Same Trademarks for Various Services in Israel”) and one trademark can be registered internationally (see our article “How to Register an International Trademark in Israel”).  However, one application may not be used to register more than one trademark in Israel.

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